Urban Prairie House, Minneapolis, MN
Project Description
Economy of space, the use of existing structure, and quality of materials were guiding factors in the owner’s choices. By adding little square footage, the owner was able to conserve funds and focus on quality materials, such as the blue glass tile backsplash, honed granite kitchen counter, and stone tile floor.
The roof structure of the original service counter and waiting room was saved. Columns were removed and a large steel beam was hidden within the sweeping crescent shaped soffit in what became the great room. The result appealed to the owner’s desire for a slightly industrial aesthetic.
Bold accent colors are a consistent theme throughout. A new exposed structural column is painted blueberry and adorned with mahogany shelves, and the grape juice dyed douglas fir window frames complement the view of the prairie.
In the master bedroom, large windows and full lite door let in ample daylight and visually connect the room to the outside patio area. The arbor beyond provides privacy from the close neighbors and shelter from the southwest sun.
The extra height of the original car bays allowed space for a mezzanine in each bedroom—a library in the master bedroom, and a study space in the owner’s teenage daughter’s bedroom. Thin concrete and metal-pan floor structure maximizes headroom.
The Foyer’s seating area and coatroom gathers daylight through a glass block window common to the Great Room and features a window view to the prairie. The curved mahogany seat matches the cabinet wood and reflects curves of a soffit beyond. Stone flooring continues through adjacent rooms to simplify and bind their character.
Entry addition includes spacious “silver sea green” granite stoop and column under a new-cantilevered roof canopy. The canopy and column are up lit to accent the open character of the entry stoop at night. The entry opens into a new home-office space built into a former gas station car bay.
An architecturally designed fence is a response to the varying textures of the prairie that it surrounds. The Arbor beyond and fence screen and shade an outdoor patio. The outdoor setting includes custom steel arbor columns enclosing a seating and hot tub area on rustic concrete pavers. Each bedroom offers private access to the patio.